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Loyalty industry experts weigh in on the future of crypto rewards

Loyalty industry experts weigh in on the future of crypto rewards

Of all the new trends emerging in the loyalty space, crypto rewards is one that’s fueling compelling conversations amongst industry experts. Bakkt® has partnered with Loyalty Academy and The Wise Marketer in order to produce a report that captures key sentiments around crypto rewards and draws insights about where it may lead loyalty programs in the future.

As crypto adoption continues to accelerate worldwide, more businesses are coming to the realization that cryptocurrency can no longer be viewed as a trend, or niche interest; rather, it’s a powerful asset that is becoming more mainstream by the day, and one that can be harnessed by brands in a myriad of ways. As one Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP) put it, “Any loyalty service provider who is not helping their clients design and enable these elements as part of their loyalty strategies will be left in the dust.”1

Our report, “The Future of Crypto Rewards,” surveys a panel of loyalty experts from nearly every sector of the industry. From brands to service providers to payment industry specialists, each one of these professionals has contributed their knowledge and expertise to the report.

We posed a broad range of questions and received insightful responses covering diverse topics such as crypto rewards use cases, key customer demographics, brand value, and so much more. We hope you come away from this research with a heightened understanding of the role crypto rewards may play in the modern loyalty industry.

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1 The 2022 Delphi Report: The Future of Crypto Rewards. The Wise Marketer Group in collaboration with Bakkt, November 2022