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We create experiences that connect brands and customers


Our vision is to connect the digital economy.

And it starts with unlocking crypto and connecting the moments that build loyalty. When assets are connected and useful, you can offer delightful new experiences that deepen customer engagement.



At Bakkt, we’re building what’s next for customer engagement.

At Bakkt, we saw the way brands were engaging customers and believed there had to be a better way. We start with understanding today's consumer, how best to meet them where they are, and how to help our business partners meet them there.

With our technology, we unlock the utility of crypto and other assets to help business partners bring delightful new opportunities to their consumers that can drive deeper engagement.

Why not buy and sell crypto directly in your bank's app? Why not redeem your loyalty points for travel? Why not earn rewards in crypto, cash—or both?

We build the products that help businesses scale connected customer experiences in the digital economy. We’re seasoned experts. We’ve worked with hundreds of partners. And we’re just getting started.

When crypto is accessible and useful, businesses can stay at the leading edge of rewarding customers.

And customers can experience loyalty that’s delightfully valuable.

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With deep expertise in technology and an innate understanding of changing customer needs, we help companies across industries engage the next generation of customers to grow their business.

We offer products across
three solution areas


Crypto can be hard to integrate into your business. Our crypto solutions let your customers not just earn crypto when they engage with your brand but use it.



Changing customer needs require a new approach to loyalty. We offer an ecosystem of flexible, modular solutions that drive engagement.


We put assets to work for your customers, powering more ways for them to pay and get paid. Options range from letting them pay with crypto, cash, and loyalty currencies, to getting paid wages (near instantly) in crypto. 


Work with us

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We stay on the pulse of changing expectations—so you can engage your customers. Our technology helps you meet customers where they are.

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We connect assets you never thought could be connected—like converting crypto to cash—to enhance their utility. This means more delight for your customers and more customers for your business.

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We’ve powered rewards programs for hundreds of companies. And we’re paving the path to the future of customer engagement.

With Bakkt,
you can grow with confidence.