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Crypto Connect

Crypto should be easily accessible through brands consumers can trust

Get your customers connected to crypto quickly, easily, and securely. With Bakkt® Crypto Connect, customers can buy, sell, or hold cryptocurrency through your app.


Why Bakkt® Crypto Connect


Access to Crypto

Offer customers the ability to buy, sell, and hold crypto through your trusted brand.


Built for Growth

Increase engagement with your current customers and attract new ones.


Speed to Market

Use our API to get to market quickly. Build your own experience, or  integrate the one we built.

Security Regulation

Backed by Bakkt

Regulated, institutional-grade custody platform means customers are protected every step of the way.

Who will step in to build out crypto adoption?

Recent market data indicates banks and financial institutions have a unique opportunity to shepherd in crypto adoption.



Make sure your crypto solution is backed by Bakkt

Designed to Protect Consumers

Industry-leading blockchain analysis to identify crypto linked to illegal or illicit services

Bakkt Marketplace LLC, is regulated by NYDFS and is a licensed money transmitter in states where required*

We rebalance between warm and cold wallets within Bakkt Trust Company LLC

Crypto Selected with Care

Bakkt keeps consumer protection top of mind throughout the crypto selection, transaction, and holding process

Strategic selection of coins offered aligns with new asset listing policies, prioritizing security, regulation, and long-term sustainability

Your Crypto,
Not Ours

Consumers’ cryptocurrencies are solely regarded as the consumer’s property

Crypto is held on behalf of the consumer in Bakkt – never used for lending, pledging, or any other similar purposes

*Bakkt is not licensed in, and does not operate in the state of Hawaii

Getting started


Activate Bakkt® Crypto Connect through the integration option that's best for your business


Deliver access to crypto in your app through a UI experience built by you, or use the one built by Bakkt


Provide select cryptocurrency access of your choice to your customers


Customers can buy and sell crypto through your banking app

Partner with Bakkt to activate your crypto engagement strategy