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The gig economy is here and crypto is joining the party

The gig economy is here and crypto is joining the party

Partnering with to enable Pay with Bakkt and Crypto Payments for Drivers

The gig economy has changed the structure and convenience of work for millions, enabling people to work when they have time rather than being captive to the 9 to 5, and giving them new levels of flexibility in their personal lives. At the same time, this shift has enabled fast, convenient and many times on-demand customer experiences that have quickly become instrumental to our daily lives. Food delivery, grocery delivery, same day courier from your favorite store – check, check, check!

Crypto experiences are now at the doorstep of the gig economy promising new and exciting opportunities for customers and contractors alike. Whether using your crypto or other digital assets to pay for the sushi that you ordered, reaping rewards in crypto from your favorite quick service restaurant or getting paid in bitcoin or Ethereum when you do grocery delivery to make some extra cash on the weekends – we’re working to give people and businesses more opportunities to transact, and more importantly set themselves apart from the competition.

Our first food delivery service partnership is already underway with connects independent restaurants in thousands of cities across the country and enables customers to place their food order online or in their App to get fresh food quickly. Bakkt will be integrated as a payment option within their web and mobile experiences, allowing customers to pay with cash, participating points, or crypto that they hold in the Bakkt App. In addition, we have plans to launch Earn Crypto with Bakkt as a choice for drivers working with

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with Bakkt to introduce crypto payments and rewards to our customers and drivers,” said Derek Beckmann, CEO of “We’re committed to continually improving the overall experiences and believe crypto options will meaningfully separate us from competitors as crypto interest and adoption continues to grow.”

“In an increasingly competitive market, innovative businesses are looking to differentiate their brand to drive affinity,” said Sheela Zemlin, Chief Revenue Officer at Bakkt. “Bakkt’s flexible and customizable platform provides the opportunity to implement creative crypto applications that enhance the customer and, in this case, worker experience.”

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