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Consumers’ crypto behavior remains optimistic even in uncertain market

Consumers crypto behavior

These days it seems like everyone from high-powered politicians to math-loving college students has an opinion on crypto—and with hundreds of oftentimes conflicting headlines dominating the news media, it can be difficult to keep up. Nonetheless, it’s incredibly important to stay abreast of shifting consumer sentiments. This information allows forward-thinking companies to craft the most effective strategies and more easily predict behaviors in future quarters.

It’s to this end that we initiated Bakkt’s first crypto tracker. Wave 1 of the study was fielded in October, with more to come on a biannual basis. To understand consumer attitudes and drivers toward crypto, we went straight to the source, fielding a study of over 2,000 U.S. consumers, including 701 Crypto Owners, and 1,403 people who expressed interest in either learning more about crypto, or making their first crypto purchase (referred to as Crypto Curious). The resulting data contains a wealth of information regarding public attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors related to cryptocurrency and the digital economy.

Despite recent headwinds in the market, respondents showed a largely unwavering enthusiasm for the future of crypto, and many expressed interest in acquiring it through ecosystems they already interact with, such as banks and loyalty programs. The extensive 19-page report goes into detail on topics including:

  • The regulatory environment
  • Barriers to crypto adoption
  • Pathways to crypto
  • Consumer usage and attitudes
  • And more

Does your company have its finger on the pulse of the crypto landscape? Read the report to bolster your knowledge even further and determine the best way to deliver a crypto experience to your customers.

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