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Boosting loyalty returns through a seamless redemption experience

Financial Institution Increased Sales 470% With Bakkt Platform

From empty carts to engaged customers: A cross-channel marketing collaboration and improved UX on the loyalty platform grew visits, engagements, and sales.


Great shopping rewards, but customers may be left behind

Since 2018, a large, well-known financial institution has been impressed with Bakkt's best-in-class loyalty points redemption storefront solution; however, this Bakkt partner could be getting even more out of Bakkt's technology platform.

Customers get an ideal experience when they’re able to redeem points for everything from travel rewards to merchandise rewards. For this partner, select options for redemption in the dashboard were seamlessly activated for their customers – and as a result, these customers feel strongly connected to this financial institution. The supplier partners are also pleased with the sales generated through the storefront.

But what about customers who haven't utilized the redemption storefront or don't know about it? These customers are not able to fully appreciate the value of the financial institution’s redemption offerings. The supplier, too, would benefit from more visits and conversions on the redemption storefront. How, then, can these partners drive more customer engagement with the storefront?


Let Bakkt do the heavy lifting to roll out an optimized promotion

Our partners know their brand like no one else. Bakkt knows how to make the most of our loyalty platform to communicate partners’ messages and drive customer engagement.

Bakkt brought together the financial institution and a product vendor, so they could design and co-fund a month-long bonus promotion that brought more customers to the redemption storefront.

From awareness of the promotion, to browsing and transacting, the customer had a seamless redemption experience.

Bakkt provided strategic direction for ways the partners could increase customer engagement. The partners were able to activate omnichannel marketing, including promotional emails and several dedicated web banners. From awareness of the promotion, to browsing and transacting, the customer had a seamless redemption experience. And Bakkt was able to support within the Bakkt platform by implementing UX enhancements to drive deeper engagement.


More engagement, more revenue, and more promotions to come

Customers responded resoundingly to the promotion, as evidenced by impactful lifts across key performance indicators (KPIs) month over month:

More customers visited the
storefront, with visits up 110%


Conversion rate doubled


Total orders increased
by 361%


Sales increased by 457%


Bakkt proprietary data on platform engagement. April-May 2022.

Based on the strong results, our partners have already started to look for new ways to drive more engagement through another promotion on the Bakkt platform.

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