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Ways to reward loyalty program members

Reward loyalty program members

Some historians date the first loyalty programs all the way back to Ancient Egypt, where wooden tokens were exchanged for rewards like beer and bread. Flash forward 5,000 years, and these programs are still as popular as ever. However, they never would have survived so many cultural transformations without one key strength: their ability to adapt.

Today’s digital world is a far-cry from those ancient societies, and so naturally, loyalty programs must find new ways to innovate and capture next-generation audiences.

Bakkt’s report, “5 Ways to Reward the Modern Loyalty Program Member” outlines five important strategies that businesses can take to capture valuable, untapped customer demographics, while bolstering relationships with existing ones.

Drawing on widescale surveys as well as focused meetings with frequent loyalty users, this report is the roadmap your company needs to drive value, increase engagement, and create delightful, connected experiences for customers.

So, what do modern loyalty program members really value?

Members want more redemption options.

Members want their redemption options to be clear.

Loyalty members are already buying crypto, and they want more of it.

Members want loyalty programs to cater to their interests.

Members want programs where point accrual is achievable.

But how do businesses address these needs? It’s easier than you think to get started.

Through Bakkt’s report, you’ll not only become acquainted with the common desires and pain points of modern loyalty members, but we’ll also provide innovative, effective loyalty solutions to address each of these needs in a way that lets you meet customers where they are.

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