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Bakkt Pay

Points? Crypto? Cash? Offer your customers more ways to pay

With Bakkt® Pay, customers can pay merchants with select loyalty currencies, cryptocurrencies, or cash through simple and frictionless integrations.


Why Bakkt® Pay


Seamless Experience

Easily and seamlessly integrate new options to pay with cryptocurrency or points through a single API-based integration. 



Unlock Value

When customers pay their way, you unlock value for them and your business. With the option to use cryptocurrency or loyalty currency, there's greater potential to increase transaction volume and size.


Settle in Fiat

Authenticate, capture, and settle in USD. No matter what funds are used, you can run payment operations and settle as you do today.

Security Regulation

Backed by Bakkt

Focus on providing options. We’ve got the rest.

Regulated, insured, institutional-grade custody platform means customers are protected every step of the way. ​


One wallet, many ways to pay

Bakkt® Crypto Pay

Provide the option for customers to pay with cryptocurrency of their choice stored in their Bakkt Wallet

Bakkt® Points Pay

Provide the option for customers to pay with participating loyalty points stored in their Bakkt Wallet

Getting started


Activate Bakkt® Pay through a single API integration 


Deliver the API through a UI experience built by you, or use the one built by Bakkt


Enable customers to pay in the digital asset of their choice


Settle transactions in fiat - we handle the rest!

Partner with Bakkt to offer more ways to pay